name change

Thinking of Restoring your Name to your Maiden Name?

You may request that your name be changed to your maiden name as part of your divorce action. Pursuant to Section 45.105 of the Texas Family Code, on the final disposition of a suit for divorce, for annulment, or to declare a marriage void, the Court shall enter a Final Decree of Divorce changing the name of a party specially praying for the change to a prior used name unless the Court states in the Decree a reason for denying the name change. The Court may not deny a change of name solely to keep last names of family members the same.

In short, this means that you can request that your name be changed as a part of the Court orders in your Final Decree of Divorce. If you decide to include this in your Decree, be sure to get certified copies of your Decree after it is entered by the Court. Most agencies require that you provided them a certified copy of your Decree in order to facilitate your name change.

Remember that if you do not include your name change in your Final Decree of Divorce, you will be required to file a separate lawsuit, an Original Petition for Name Change of An Adult which will cost additional funds and will have much stricter requirements and procedures in obtaining an Order Granting Change of Name of an Adult.

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